20+ Genius Outdoor Wedding Ideas

outdoor wedding ideas

Outdoor weddings can be quite different because of the beauty of Mother Nature. That’s why many couples choose to have an outdoor wedding to create a vivid memory for their lives to come. But due the the uncertainty, there are many things you should consider, like the weather, the venue, the decoration and so on.

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Outdoor wedding venues

The very first consideration of an outdoor wedding is definitely the wedding venue, which is of crucial importance. No matter it’s in your backyard or on a farm or even on a mountain, be sure to take good advantage of Mother Nature.outdoor wedding venue ideas

Outdoor Wedding Arch

The most different thing that an outdoor wedding has from the traditional indoor ones is that you can have romantic wedding arches when having the ceremony. It can be really fancy and decorative if personal preferences are added. Flowers are key elements for the outdoor arches, together with some ribbons and other ornamental climbing plants will add a heartwarming and fresh touch to the whole event.outdoor wedding arch ideas

Outdoor wedding decorations

Even though you’ve chosen a gorgeous venue with great views and scenery, decorations are still essential part of the whole wedding. You can lower your cost a little bit here since the outdoor wedding itself gives out a mysterious atmosphere. But ornaments like flowers, lighting, fabrics are great options. Besides, you can add some natural elements into the wedding. Yellow leaves, old trees and flowers of the season are all perfect.Outdoor wedding decorations ideas

Outdoor wedding reception

For outdoor weddings, there can be fewer rules and more outside-of-the-box. As for the food, it depends on where the wedding is held. Fresh fruits and vegetables are preferred at a farm or forest wedding. Seafood and iced drinks go well with a beach wedding. Wedding cupcakes are great match with gazebo. You can either put a bar counter somewhere in the corner, or you can simply have a beer barrow.Outdoor wedding reception ideas

In a word, outdoor weddings can be either simple or elaborate. It is you that decides what kind to go with. And with the exhilaration of the outdoor setting, and the gift from Mother Nature, the wedding it will definitely leave vivid memories for you and your guests.

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