30+ Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

30+ Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

Different from weddings with traditional church setting, rustic wedding are popular with a great many couples. On the one hand, rustic elements makes the wedding more rough and simple as well, besides, it also gives you an opportunity for DIY project by using the material that is available even at backyard, like branch, stick, pine cone and tree trunk.
For those who has a tight budget for the wedding, rustic theme is really a good choice since many of the elements are from mother Nature. So having a wedding like this, it’s really Eco-friendly and your guests are more inclined to feel relaxed. It is really a great way to begin and celebrate your life together. Now below are some ideas about the rustic wedding which can give you some inspirations if rustic wedding is really what you want.

Rustic wedding dresses

Rustic weddings are better enjoyed comfortably. So when choosing your wedding dress, try to skip those formal and ponderous wedding gowns and choose something light an soft, like full lace lace wedding dresses.Rustic country wedding dresses ideas

Rustic wedding invitations

Working as the first appearance, rustic wedding invitations convey information far more than listed on the card. So it is important for you to add some rustic elements like earth tone neutral color, rough threads and black&white photos to the wedding cards. Hence, the guests can dress accordingly.rustic wedding invitations with lace and burlap

rustic wedding invitations with lacerustic wedding invitations with burlap

Rustic wedding centerpieces

Branches, tree stumps, pine cones, candles and flowers are great elements for rustic wedding centerpieces. If you have enough time, you can DIY some of the items, like a large slice of tree trunk. This chic and novel design will bring your wedding to a new level.Rustic wedding centerpieces with mason jars and tree trunk

Rustic wedding cakes & cake toppers

Instead of choosing cakes with flaring tacky wedding cakes, you can try the new trend of natural-looking alternative since it fits better with the rustic theme. For example, you can try tree root as the bottom of the wedding. As for the cake toppers, try wood-made name card on top, it will be very eye-catching.

Vintage naked ructic wedding cakes with burlapructic wedding cakes toppers

Rustic wedding decorations

The decoration is one of the most crucial parts of the rustic wedding. It make the whole wedding venue more attractive. Imagine when you take your vows under a tree which is full of illuminated tea light, how romantic that would be! Besides, there are many things you can work on, the wood-made table numbers, flowers in a glass jar at the corner.Rustic wedding decorations

Rustic wedding favors

After having a great wedding, don’t forget to send your guests with the well-chosen wedding favors such as old-fashioned candies in a glass jar or beautiful succulent plants. They all will leave a great memory for them.Vintage rustic wedding favor ideas do it yourself