20+ Simple Wedding Idea Inspirations

simple wedding ideas

For the record, I am a big fan of simple wedding myself. They are generally more affordable and as meaningful as those luxurious planned weddings. Most of all, when planning for your simple wedding, it’s less stressful. But some may say that simple weddings may sacrifice something, while that’s not true. Below are some simple wedding ideas I have collected that can make your wedding simple and elegant as well.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple wedding dress is one of the major reason why brides choose to have a simple wedding. Different from tedious, big stuffy wedding gowns, simple wedding dresses are shorter, more comfortable and you can move freely. And of course, it costs less.Simple and Elegant white wedding dresses

Simple Wedding Cakes

You can either choose to have a DIY wedding cake for your simple wedding or choose a cake that is plain yet stylish with ornaments around you like flowers, ribbons to go with the wedding theme. Bear in mind where there are less details to concern, there is less anxiety. You have have your family members in on the DIY, they will feel more involved.simple white wedding cakes with flowers inspirations

Simple Wedding Rings

Many brides choose to have a sparkly wedding ring embellished with diamonds. But considering you will wear it every day, simple wedding bands are more recommended. Plain and chic rings with your initials inside also means a lot, don’t they?Simple wedding rings ideas for your big day

Simple Wedding Invitations

Simple wedding invitations doesn’t mean the invitations are just a card with information. The color can be either white or ivory, adding the elements of your wedding theme on it. Your family and friends will be to see the classy stylish simple wedding invitations.Simple wedding invitations inspiration

In a word, getting married is a once-in-a-life event, you may get many inspirations from other brides or even professionals, but be sure to know what exactly you are looking for and be true yourself, the wedding is a celebration not a event. Really hope the simple wedding ideas will make your wedding simply beautiful.

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