2020 Spring Wedding Color and Ideas

Among all four seasons, spring is most romantic and everything comes to life. With green trees and flowers in blossom after the dull cold winter, spring wedding gives a touch of warmth and love. And below are some great spring wedding ideas I have compiled and you can get inspired from it.

Spring Wedding Colors

Wedding colors always set the tone for your wedding. You may have your favorite color in mind, but a great wedding always have gorgeous color combination which can create a great spring wedding color scheme. According to Pantone’s top ten colors for spring, Primrose yellow, Greenery and Pale Dogwood are all fantastic colors you can take into account.

2017 Primrose yellow wedding ideas

2017 Primrose yellow wedding ideas

Greenery wedding color ideas 2017

Greenery wedding color ideas 2017

Spring Wedding Dresses

There are many reasons to choose for a spring wedding ,and I bet spring wedding dress is definitely part of the reason. Instead of choosing traditional wedding gown, you can select something lighter and softer. Dresses with shorter sleeves and thinner fabric are more popular in this season since it is getting warm. And if you hold a outside wedding, then the length of the wedding gown is another concern.Mira Zwillinger Spring 2017 Bridal Dresses Collection

Spring Wedding Flowers

When I think of spring weddings, tons of flowers are the impression I have in mind. Flowers can be everywhere in a spring wedding, in your hair, on the wedding invitation, your wedding bouquet, on your tables and even on the wedding cakes. You can take great advantage of the season, and choose flowers in spring to make a dreamy wedding.2017 spring wedding bouquet flower ideas

Spring Wedding Decor

When your guests think about spring, I guess flowers will think about flowers. So flowers, of course, should be a great element for your wedding decoration. To enhance your guests’ experience in the sunny bright environment, you can choose candles in a mason jar, picture frames to leave a great memory for both of you and your guests.2017 spring wedding decorations

Spring Wedding Invitations

As for spring wedding invitations, they are actually many options for you. You can either add spring-related elements into it, like birds, flowers. But you don’t have to limit your wedding cards to the real flowers only. You can only try silhouette designs instead. It is a hot trend these days adding a chic and modern fun touch to the wedding.Spring Watercolour Leaves wedding invitations

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