Romantic Lesbian Wedding Ideas

Lesbian wedding and gay wedding are gradually getting hot over the past few years due to the fact that gay marriages are becoming legal in many states of America. If you are planning a lesbian wedding, here are some great ideas to make your big day more memorable and meaningful. Go and check it out!

Lesbian Wedding Rings

More and more lesbian couples are expecting to get married in a traditional way as many regions are passing law that allows same-sex marriages. Hence wedding rings seem to have a great market. Different from traditional rings, you can use some symbols to express your pride and distinction as well as displaying your commitment to your loved one.Lesbian Wedding Rings

Lesbian Wedding Cake & Toppers

When it comes to wedding cakes, many lesbian couples choose to have the color scheme as rainbow to express their distinction. Others prefer to have a floral and modern-looked wedding cakes. As for the cake toppers, traditional weddings always have bride-groom cake topper, but you can do much better for your lesbian wedding cake. You can choose lesbian in a bridal dress and in a tux. Or you can simply choose to have too MRS on top.Two mrs Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers Lesbian Wedding Cake Rainbow wedding cup cake tower

Lesbian Wedding Attire

When a lesbian couple finally preparing to walk down the aisle together, they each want to shine as a fabulous bride without stealing the other’s spotlight. Nowadays, many choose to have one bride in a dress and the other in a suit. That’s quite common and chic of course, but many opt to have double dress since every girl dreams of wearing a wedding dress despite the fact that they are lesbians.Lesbian Wedding Attire

Lesbian Wedding Invitations

Lesbian wedding invitations are formal way to tell your family and friends that you are officially getting married as a couple. Different from traditional wedding invitations, you don’t have to stick to the rules and you can make it as unique as you like. Here are some lesbian wedding cards you can get inspired!Two Mrs lesbian wedding invitations

Lesbian Wedding Photo Ideas

Everyone has a love story that deserves to be told and shared. Love is what life all about whether you are gay or straight. So to memorize your special day just as normal couples, looking at the wedding photos are one of the great times. Happiness can’t be hidden and below are some great lesbian wedding photos full of love and passion.Lesbian Wedding Photo Lesbian Wedding Photo Ideas

Other Lesbian Wedding ideas

Lace up your white wedding gown with rainbow colors

flower girl dresses

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