20+ Succulent Wedding Cake Inspiration That Wow!!

Succulents, together with wedding cakes always make an interesting match for the big day. Very asymmetrical in size, form and appearance, these plants bring something quite different to a cake arrangement and it symbolizes the happiness and eternity of your coming married life.

Succulents, also called “fat plant”, are water-absorbing and water-retaining plants with staying power beyond belief that make them an excellent choice for wedding cakes, bouquet and decorations. These plants are very effective when used in vintage and rustic themed wedding. They add wonderful texture to traditional wedding cake and can take the place of traditional cake toppers. It makes your wedding more vigorous and enjoyable.

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#1 Succulent Wedding Cake Inspiration that wow
#2 ombre ruffle wedding cake with succulent
#3 i do me too wedding cake with succulent
#4 simple white wedding cake with succulent
#5 Gorgeous gold and green succulent wedding cake
#6 Amaaazing wedding cake with succulents
#7 Birch Bark wedding cake with succulent
#8 Colorful Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake with Succulent
#9 colorful wedding cake with succulent
#10 Naked Succulent Wedding Cake
#11 Perfect Buttercream Wedding Cake
#12 Semi-Naked Cake with Succulents
#13 simple pearl wedding cake with succulent
#14 simple wedding cake with succulent
#15 succulent accented wedding cake
#16 Succulent-adorned layered wedding cake
#17 succulent-covered wedding cake ideas
#18 succulents wedding cake topped with tiny bike
#19 succulent topped wedding cake
#20 Succulent Wedding Cake
#21 touch of pink wedding cake with succulent
#22 Traditional wedding cake topped with succulents and fresh flowers
#23 wedding cake with succulent20+ Succulent Wedding Cake Inspiration That Wow at weddinginclude.com
If you are pursuing a kind of wedding cake that can stand out from the traditional ones, you will love succulents, not only because it breaks the traditional wedding protocols, but also for the meaningful symbolism for a happy life. Anyway, succulents is anything but boring and get ready to enjoy!