Top 20 Wedding Cake Idea Trends and Designs

Lemon Poppy Wedding Cake

Once upon a time, wedding cakes seemed to be a novel idea for a wedding…a great wedding cake is as simple as walking down to your local bakery, isn’t it? The wedding cake theme will relate to your choice for the style of wedding you are having and the overall tone you choose, nomatter it’s funny, formal, classic, elegant, beach themed or rustic and outdoor.
Well, there are many kinds of wedding cakes today, max find the most popular wedding cakes for you to choose. for more unusual, light and fun ideas for wedding cakes. So why not try some of these custom unique wedding cake ideas.

White wedding cake ideas ( popular )



 wedding cakes

 wedding cakes_1


Red wedding cakes

red poinsettia wedding cake

red and white flower wedding cake

red wedding cakes WITH chocolate

Bling wedding cakes

bling wedding cakes palermos bakery

Lace wedding cake

lace wedding cake

Simple purple wedding cake

purple white wedding cakes

Wedding cake with pillar supports

Wedding cake with pillar supports

Other Wedding Cake Inspiration

rose wedding cake WITH RIBBON 2015

amazing floarl wedding cakes

country wedding cake with Love topper

funny wedding cake with mr and mrs topper

Lemon Poppy Wedding Cake

purple wedding cakes with ribbon

unique wedding cake ideas 2015 Popular

wedding cake decorations ideas

wedding cake decorations rose

Stunning white and blue wedding cake

When you pick your wedding theme, set aside some special decisive moment when it comes to your wedding cake because your cake will take its shape.

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