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DIY Wedding Ideas For Your Wedding

Mason Jar Candle Holders for diy wedding

There is no doubt that wedding really matters to everyone. There are many things to consider for the big day and hence it takes much time. Today Max will tell you how to get everything ready more easily. DIY wedding ideas will definitely give you some inspiration. Instead of Racking your brains to ask for help, you can try these DIY wedding invitations, favors, or wedding programs for your big day and it will definitely surprise every one.

Diy Lace Wedding Invitations

diy wedding invitation ideasPhoto: Pinterest

Diy Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason Jar Candle Holders for diy weddingPhoto:

Diy Mason Jar FramesDiy wedding Mason Jar Frames


Painted Mason Jar Vases

Painted-vases Painted Mason Jar Vases-diy wedding ideas

Photo: littlemissmomma

Diy Wedding Centerpieces

modern vintage wedding reception and table decor

Photo: somethingturquoise

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Photo: pinterest

DIY Candle Holders

DIY Creative Candles Holders

Photo:  thebudgetdecorator

Elegant Home Décor DIY – Make Your Own Votive Candleholders

Photo:  diyncrafts

Floral Table Centerpieces

wedding Table Centerpieces

Photo: Agaton Strom

Floral Weding Centerpiece Step by Step

Photo: Minted

DIy Colorful Yarn Backdrop

Diy Wedding Ideas-photobooth backdrop

Photo:  buzzfeed

DIY Rope Words

DIY Rope Words - Diy Wedding Ideas

Photo: greenweddingshoes

Framed Wedding Program

Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

Photo: polkadotbride

Diy Wedding Favors

stylish diy wedding favors


diy wedding favor ideas -birdseed wedding favor ideas

Photo: intimateweddings

 Chair Seating Cards

Chair Seating Cards-diy wedding

Photo: marthastewartweddings

Romantic Wedding Vows Examples For Her and For Him

personalize your wedding vows

It is known to all that weddings are always once-in-a-life event, everyone wants to make it perfect and romantic. And one of the part that you should work on is about the wedding vows. Wedding vows, different from wedding dresses or wedding invitations, it can be very personal and writing a wedding vow is much harder than it seems to be.

personalize your wedding vowsPhoto:

Wedding vows

Since planning a wedding is time-consuming, many couples to choose a traditional wedding vows,which are also very safe, it can never be wrong. many may quote from the Bible, but you should be clear that you have tome to recite the words correctly since you have so many other things to prepare.

Wedding Vow Inspiration#wedding vows traditional

To make your wedding more memorable, many couples choose to recite wedding vows of their own creation, in place of traditional wedding vows or in addition to them. You can start from your first date, the ups and downs of your relationship and the reason why you hang on with each other. It will definitely make your wedding ceremony a great success.

wedding vows typography example

Wedding Vows Wood SignPhoto:

Beautiful words about

sample wedding vows

wedding vows for her and for

wedding vow ideasPhoto:


I choose you for life #wedding vows samples

The vow reads: I choose you for life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future. I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to love you, to commit to you and support you. I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities, to lend you strength for all of your dreams. You have shown me what love feels like and for that I thank you. You are everything I need and at this moment I know all my….

how to write wedding vows

I Choose You.  To be no other than yourself.  Loving what I know of you and trusting who you will become.  I will respect …


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Popular Wedding Photography Ideas For Your Big Day

wedding photography ideas carries me off over his shoulder with his hand in the air

Wedding day is the most important day in one’s life and beautiful wedding snapshots are one of the most significant items in the most valuable treasure box of memories. Wedding photography has many styles. So, before making a choice, the point is to think about the style. Choosing the right style and the right wedding photography will give you great memories of your big day.

Here are some of the popular wedding photography ideas that can certainly make your album look attractive. Save the pics to your smart-phone or social network such as Pinterest or Facebook.

Old Hollywood Styled Shoot wedding photography

Romantic wedding photography ideas sweet couple

Popping Wedding Photo Ideas Every Couple Should Try.

Magic Hour Wedding Portraits in the Woods

wedding photography ideas

Unique Wedding Photos Creative Wedding Pictures Wedding Planning Ideas Etiquette

Outdoor wedding photography ideas

wedding photography before the wedding didn't want to see each other yet
wedding photography before the wedding didn’t want to see each other yet


wedding photography ideas carries me off over his shoulder with his hand in the air
wedding photography ideas carries me off over his shoulder with his hand in the air

such a cute wedding photo Unique Wedding Photos Creative Wedding Pictures

Funny Wedding Photo Poses


Contemporary wedding photography Reportage wedding photographers Wedding photographers


#Wedding-Photo-Ideas-and-Poses-Wedding-Party-12romantic wedding photo browne photography


Photo: 1.modernwedding 2. pinterest 3. storymixmedia 4. heyweddinglady 5. Pinterest 6. bridalguide 7. blog.hwtm 8. Stylemepretty 9. theeverylastdetail 10. Bridalguide 11. pinterest 12.Flickr 13. Ashtonphotography 14.Weddingbells 15.confettidaydreams 16.

30+ Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair


Planning a wedding is never easy for anyone, you should take every detail accounted, from venue, wedding dresses, wedding invitations and the wedding hairstyles and makeup. Looking for the best wedding hairstyles for your big day? The designs for bridal hairstyles mainly depend on the length and the texture of your hair, and there is no doubt that long hair is more favorable. Today max will help you to get some inspirations.

wedding hairstyles for long hair


Photo: Pinterest







Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles popular 2015

Photo: Pinterest

Creative and Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Photo: Pinterest

These Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Are Pure Perfection


wedding hair ideas 2015


peacock wedding hairstyles accessories brown hair


Wonderful #WeddingHairstyles For Long Hair Wonderful-Wedding-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-


wedding hairstyles dow wedding hair updos

#Braided-Wedding-Hairstyles trends


half up wedding hairstyles


Steal-Worthy Wedding Hairstyles


Long Curly Hairstyles 2014 Waterfall braid with curls for prom


bridal-hair-styles-loosedown Soft & Loose #wedding-hairstyles-waterfall Waterfall Braids

Photo: Pinterest

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Popular Vintage Wedding Dresses Ideas For Fall Wedding

vintage Country Wedding Dresses Inspiration

If you have not yet decided on a dress for your autumn wedding, it is time to do it. Today, the world is looking back on some of the greatest times in wedding trends. Having a full vintage theme on your wedding or for more of a modern one with a little vintage are gaining popularity these days. More and more brides choose to go for a vintage feel on their big day. Vintage Lace dresses, marson jars, and lots of burlap are the basics to accomplish this elegant vintage wedding.

If you have no idea to find the dress of your dreams, Here are some most popular vintage wedding dresses for the perfect vintage fall/autumn wedding. With these dresses, the choices are less competitive and a lot easier to let your guests know ahead of time that you are planning a vintage themed wedding and give them a hint to wear their vintage suites and dresses.

vintage Country Wedding Dresses Inspiration

vintage Country Wedding Dresses Inspiration

Country wedding dress wedding-ideas


vintage lace wedding dress style 1940

vintage wedding dresses gown ideas

vintage wedding dresse with beautiful back

Lovely vintage wedding gown #lace

vintage lace wedding dress for fall country wedding

elegant-vintage-wedding-dresses-photo antique-lace-wedding-dress-full-metal-texas-tagged-with-antique-wedding-dresses-1

Best Vintage V-Neck Sheer Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress Beaded Lace Bridal Gown


Dresses Image Via: Rusticweddingchic/Rusticfolkweddings/Confettidaydreams/Theknot/Bellethemagazine/Pinterest