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25 Heart-melting Real Couple Wedding Vow Ideas to Make You Cry!


[tps_header]One of the most romantic parts about the wedding ceremony is the moment you and your beloved reading the wedding vows to each other, to your family and friends, and also to those who may not know your love story very well. It is a great opportunity to express your love, gratitude and trust to the one who will always be by your side, good or bad. Get inspirations from real couples who wrote the wedding vows themselves will help a lot. Whether you want to make your guests giggle or grab the tissue, write your own wedding vows will make your wedding one-of-a-kind. I’m so excited to share with you these 26 heart-melting real couple wedding vows![/tps_header]

I-believe-in-you-the I-call-you-My-Megan I-feel-truly-blessed In-sickness-and-in I-promise-faithfulness I-promise-to-be-your (1) I-promise-to-be-your I-promise-to-buy-taller I-promise-to-comfort-you I-promise-to-encourage I-promise-to-hold-your I-promise-to-love-and I-remember-once-how-I

Top 21 Simple Engagement Rings for Classic Brides

simple engagement ring

[tps_header]Women all love fashion for sure. Elaborate and glitzy-designed engagement rings are good but nothing is like a classic simple engagement ring. They don’t call it classic for nothing. Since engagement rings are given too much definition: commitment, devotion, and of course love, simple engagement rings can definitely offer you the profound beauty through the simple yet elegant design. Being simple doesn’t mean you are limited to certain design. In fact, you can have a simple engagement ring that is both elegant and unique just as your love. Here are the best simple engagement rings we’ve collected that are sure to surprise you![/tps_header]

elegant diamond engagement ring cute simple engagement ring simple rose gold engagement ring simple beautiful engagement ring simple-designed engagement ring simple diamind engagement ring simple and elegant engagement ring

27 The Most Heart-melting Photos of Dogs at Weddings Ever

[tps_header]Dogs at weddings seems to be quite common these days. A dog always means a lot to a couple, it has witnessed the couple’s long difficult road of love. Hence, many couple treat the dogs as one of their family members. So that explains a lot why many couples choose to have the furry friend as part of the wedding. Whether the dog help the daddy to ask the love or simply being a ring bearer, it actually brings quite fun and warm to the whole nuptial. if you happen to be thinking about including your dog on the wedding, the below are some way too adorable photos of dogs at weddings that will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart![/tps_header]

wedding pictures with dogs beautiful dogs at wedding best dog model wearing floral crown bestman and best dog for wedding black dogs with pink flower crown breathtaking dog photos with wedding couple cute and adorabale dog photo at wedding cute wedding dogs for country wedding dogs at wedding-cute ring bearer photo

25 Awesome Wedding Welcome Signs to Rock!

[tps_header]Most brides-to-be would like to make sure everything is going right as the wedding day approaches, especially the details like wedding decorations, which may be neglected. Not only is the work on the wedding decorations fun but also creativities can be fully used in designing the decors. A good beginning is always half success. Hence an awesome wedding welcome sign is really of great importance. People know what to expect by having a simple glimpse at the wedding welcome sign. From chalkboard to rustic wooden calligraphy, welcome sign is a great way to help make a fabulous wedding reception or wedding ceremony. Below are great creative welcome signs from real weddings, no matter what style your wedding is, you will get inspired![/tps_header]

adorble romantic wedding welcome sign awesome black white wedding sign beautiful DIY wedding welcome sign breathtaking urban wedding welcome sign chic wedding welcome sign creative simple wedding welcome sign cute creative wedding sign elegant diy wedding welcome sign gatsby-inspired wedding welcome sign gorgeous chic wedding welcome sign gorgeous country wedding welcome signs

22 Smoking Hot Winter Wedding Bouquets You Can’t Resist

22 Smoking Hot Winter Wedding Bouquets You Can’t Resist

[tps_header]Many doubt winter is a great season for throwing a wedding. It’s so cold, frosty and deserted that finding a proper winter wedding bouquet seems to be a major problem for them. They can never associate winter with a full blossom of various flowers. The truth is, from dark burgundy blossom to grey stylish succulent, there are so many various winter flowers available to reflect the beauty of the mother nature even in winter. To walk down the aisle with gorgeous wedding bouquets, we’ve picked out our favorite winter wedding bouquets to get you inspired![/tps_header]amazamazing grey and silver wonderland winter wedding bouquetsing sweet rose gold winter wedding bouquet stylish peach orchard winter wedding flowers stunning colorful winter wedding bouquet simple yet chic ideal winter wedding flowers simple white winter wedding bouquet plum and nude winter wedding bouquets intriguing crimson winter wedding flowers inspirational ivory winter wedding bouqets with ribbons green and blue succlent winter bouquets gorgeous king protea winter wedding bouquet