20+ Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas! She loved it and said YES!

Will You Be My Maid of Honor Gift Boxes She Will Say Yes To!

It is really a big deal asking your girlfriend to stand by your side on the wedding. It is quite a tough decision as how to do it. There are so many different ways out there, but sending a gift box seems to be a funny and creative idea. It is such an awesome way since it offers a chance for your bridesmaid to cherish the gifts for years to come. It’s not that inside the box that matters, it the effort that you’ve put into the design that matters. So here we’ve collected some fantastic maid of honor gift boxes that are both creative and practical. Hopefully you will love one of them and get inspired for your own.

maid of honors proposal box. She LOVED it | Image Credit: Pinterest

Taylor made this cute box to ask her best friend Kamesha to be her Maid of Honor  | Image Credit: Pinterest

My Maid of Honor proposal! She loved it and said YES!!! | Image Credit: Ysedusky

I found my mister but i still need my sister | Image Credit: Olivia Spellicy

custom champagne labels by Label with Love | Image Credit: Gelinshop

Bridesmaid gift boxes! What a fabulous gift for a maid of honor, or bridesmaid gift.  | Image Credit: Knotandnestdesigns

My matron of honor proposal box | Image Credit: Jenny Lane