25 Heart-melting Real Couple Wedding Vow Ideas to Make You Cry!


[tps_header]One of the most romantic parts about the wedding ceremony is the moment you and your beloved reading the wedding vows to each other, to your family and friends, and also to those who may not know your love story very well. It is a great opportunity to express your love, gratitude and trust to the one who will always be by your side, good or bad. Get inspirations from real couples who wrote the wedding vows themselves will help a lot. Whether you want to make your guests giggle or grab the tissue, write your own wedding vows will make your wedding one-of-a-kind. I’m so excited to share with you these 26 heart-melting real couple wedding vows![/tps_header]

I-believe-in-you-the I-call-you-My-Megan I-feel-truly-blessed In-sickness-and-in I-promise-faithfulness I-promise-to-be-your (1) I-promise-to-be-your I-promise-to-buy-taller I-promise-to-comfort-you I-promise-to-encourage I-promise-to-hold-your I-promise-to-love-and I-remember-once-how-I

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