32 Budget-friendly Edible Wedding Favor Ideas That Inspire!

[tps_header]A great wedding favor helps your guests commemorate your wedding and if they can enjoy it a little bit will be much better. That explains a lot why edible wedding favors are so popular these days. A mini bottle of honey, a bar of personalized chocolate or a jar of customized mints will greatly change the impression your guests have about your wedding. Without further ado, take a look and get inspired by the following budget-friendly edible wedding favors.

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1.Personalized Bridal Champagne Gummy Bear Packets

Share the sweet taste of bubbly with your wedding guests by handing out these personalized bridal champagne gummy bear packets. Each clear pack contains approximately 1.5 ounces of champagne flavored gummy bears and can be personalized with self-adhesive labels featuring your favorite design. Gummy bears are non-alcoholic so they are enjoyable for all ages. >>Check Price<<Personalized Bridal Champagne Gummy Bear Packets

2.Exclusive Wedding Collection Personalized Mint Tins

Send your guests home with a sweet memento from your wedding. These pocket sized mint tins are personalized with a custom printed label with your choice of romantic designs. Add your names and the date of your wedding and this favor becomes a reminder of your wedding for all who attended. You may even submit your own photo for the photo dots design. Mint tins come filled with your choice of candy. >>Check Price<<Exclusive Wedding Collection Personalized Mint Tins

3. Personalized Wedding Mint Rolls

Weddings are a great place to meet people. You talk to old friends, make new ones and for single guests it is the perfect venue to meet someone special. Make sure your guests have what they need to make a great first impression, including fresh breath! >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Mint Rolls

4.Personalized Wedding Chocolate Coins

Let your guests savor the sweet moment of your special day with personalized chocolate coin favors. Our decadent milk chocolate coins are made with Belgian chocolate and wrapped in colorful foil. One side of the coin is embossed with your choice of a stock wedding image and the other side is personalized with your names, date and your choice of graphic. Images and personalized text are pressed into both the foil and the chocolate. Package the coins in an organza bag, clear gift box, or just scatter them around the table for the perfect touch to your wedding reception. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Chocolate Coins

5.Personalized Wedding Mini Mint Pack

Show your guests that you and your partner are “mint” to be with these personalized wedding mini mint packs. Travel-sized favors are filled with little breath mints, making them perfect for pockets or purses. Available in many colors as well as themed designs including winter, fall, and las vegas themes, you’re sure to find something to fit your event perfectly. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Mini Mint Pack

6.Personalized Wedding Coffee Favors

Love is Brewing…A romantic and unique idea for coffee lovers, our personalized coffee favors are sure to wow your guests. Present them at your wedding reception or tuck them inside your welcome baskets along with a heart shaped coffee scoop. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Coffee Favors

7.Personalized Wedding Honey Jars

In early Greece and Rome honey symbolized fertility, love, and beauty. Furthermore, in Greek mythology, it is said that Cupid dipped his arrows in honey to fill the lover’s heart with sweetness. Now you can offer this same symbol of love to your wedding guests. Bridal couples who want a wedding favor that will make a lasting impression can give their guests the gift of honey. They are great complements to tea and edible favors. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Honey Jars

8.Personalized Maple Syrup Wedding Favor

If you are looking for some unique weding favors for fall weddings, this personalized maple syrup wedding favor is definitely a sweet touch!
Each mini glass bottle contains a generous single serving of 100% pure Vermont grade-A medium amber syrup. Personalize with self-adhesive labels in the color and design of your choice. >>Check Price<<Personalized Maple Syrup Wedding Favor

9.Personalized Wedding Hot Chocolate Mix

Deliciously creamy and exquisitely tasteful, indulge your guests with a welcome treat of gourmet hot cocoa. Our wedding hot chocolate collection is perfect for bridal couples who want to transport their guests to a calm and soothing place. Each time they take a sip of our rich decadent hot chocolate, they will be filled with the warmest memories of your special day. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Hot Chocolate Mix

10.Personalized Wedding Cappuccino Mix

A Sophisticated Thank You. Indulge Your Guests with Mocha Cappuccino.
Expand your guests’ coffee horizons with a cup of velvety-smooth, creamy mocha cappuccino. Now more then ever, flavorful cappuccino drinks are being served not only in the early morning hours, but throughout the day. These delicious favors make an undeniably impressive gift that is sure to warm the spirits of those you love! >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Cappuccino Mix

11.Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Miniatures

Since the year 1907, Hershey’s has been making delightful chocolate bars and candy treats in all shapes and sizes. Today, Hershey’s chocolate is still a favorite all over the world. For couples looking for the classic American treat to pass out on their wedding day, look no further. The personalized wedding Hershey’s Miniatures takes the traditional Hershey’s Miniatures and wraps them up in beautiful personalized wrappers for wonderful wedding favors! >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Hershey's Miniatures

12.Personalized Wedding Cookies

These beautifully hand-decorated wedding cookies are the ultimate in edible favors, and are sure to be a crowd favorite. The sophisticated printing technology makes it possible to customize each cookie with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding in a delicate font of your choice. Or personalize with a monogram. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Cookies

13.Mini Wedding Brownie Favor Pops

Now here’s a marriage made in heaven. These delicious wedding favor pops feature an intricate, eye-catching chocolate coating and a blissfully delicious brownie center—it’s the perfect pairing of style and flavor. Cheers to the happy couple! >>Check Price<<Mini Wedding Brownie Favor Pops

14.Jordan Almonds Candy

Traditionally wedding candy, Jordan almonds have become favorites for filling favor boxes for all types of special occasions. Jordan almonds are almonds coated in a hard candy shell given to symbolize both the bitter and sweet things in life. >>Check Price<<Jordan Almonds Candy Wedding Favors

15.Personalized Wedding Tea Bag Favors

For brides and grooms looking to give their guests something unique by which to remember the happy occasion, our Wedding Tea Collection is a terrific way to say thank you for sharing in our special day. Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Tea Bag Favors

16.Mini Monogrammed Brownie Favor Pops

What’s glamorously chic on the outside, yet sensuously sweet on the inside? No, not the birthday girl—these monogrammed brownie favor pops! But the glam chocolate monogram is just the icing on the cake: at the center of each favor pop is a delicious fresh-baked brownie. They’re the perfect gourmet favor for any bridal shower and wedding reception! >>Check Price<<Mini Monogrammed Brownie Favor Pops

17.Custom Wedding Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are not only delicious, but a fun and original idea for weddings. Hand them out to your guests as they depart for the evening or serve them as desserts—your friends and family will be impressed by your creativity! Cookies are made from the finest ingredients and hand dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with tiny sprinkles or a single heart. You can customize the color of the chocolate base, choose up to 2 colorful sprinkle options, and pick one of many themed decorations. Cookies arrive individually wrapped and sealed in clear cello bags. >>Check Price<<Custom Wedding Fortune Cookies

18.Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—but when life gives you blissfully complete happiness, celebrate with a summer wedding complete with personalized lemonade packets! Memories are made of sunshine, laughter, and the simple taste of sweet, refreshing lemonade. >>Check Price<<Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

19.Personalized Wedding Oreos

Be on everyone’s lips at your upcoming wedding thanks to custom chocolate covered Oreo cookies! These individually decorated cookies are wrapped in cello bags and finished with a curled and colored ribbon. Available in either white or milk chocolate these cookies will surely be a treat for your guests. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Oreos

20.2-Tier Mini Hand Decorated Oreo Cookie Cake

Don’t feel guilty about devouring these decadent desserts! Perfect for your engagement party or bridal shower, these chocolate-covered Oreo® cookie cakes are infinitely customizable. Start by choosing either a brown milk chocolate base or a white chocolate base in a variety of colors. >>Check Price<<2-Tier Mini Hand Decorated Oreo Cookie Cake

21.Personalized Bridal Cookie Favor Bags

Everyone loves these deliciously personalized bridal cookie favor bags decorated with your special message at your shower or wedding. Perfect as prizes for games or as party favors for guests to take home. The front and center display of your message paired with these tasty handmade cookies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser! >>Check Price<<Personalized Bridal Cookie Favor Bags

22.Personalized S’More Favor

Your wedding guests’ mouths are sure to water when they see these super sweet s’mores favors. Each round favor jar comes pre-filled with marshmallows, your choice of three cookies, and your choice of six different types of sweet flavored chips. It’s a unique dessert option your guests will love trying out! >>Check Price<<Personalized S'More Favor

23.Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

Since the year 1907, Hershey’s has been making delightful chocolate bars and candy treats in all shapes and sizes. Today Hershey’s chocolate is still a favorite all over the world. For couples looking for the classic American treat to pass out on their wedding day, look no further. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Hershey's Chocolate Bars

24.Personalized Wedding Lollipop

Treat your guests to these tasty wedding personalized lollipop favors. A sweet tooth’s dream, these lollipops are perfect for any bridal event. With many designs and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a unique style to suit your occasion. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Lollipop

25.Personalized Wedding Mint Chocolate Candy

Refreshing and oh-so-chocolate-y, personalized wedding mint chocolate candy packs a whole lot in a tiny package! Customize each mini candy with a special message or photo and give as wedding favors by the handful. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Mint Chocolate Candy

26.Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Kisses Mini Gift Tote

These personalized wedding Hershey’s kisses mini gift tote are adorable and well-loved favors for your wedding event. Each little gift tote is available in the design of your choice and comes packaged with 8 matching Hershey’s kisses. >>Check Price<<Personalized Wedding Hershey's Kisses Mini Gift Tote

27.Flip Flop Chocolate Covered Oreo

Give your wedding guests an extra-sweet reason to love your beach-themed wedding with these delicious Oreo cookies. Customize these cute little flip flops by choosing either a brown milk chocolate base or a white chocolate base and picking colors for the strap and flower. Then, arrange them in a beach-y dessert display or send them home with guests as favors. The shelf life for this item is approximately three months. Cookies arrive individually packaged and tied with color-coordinated ribbon. >>Check Price<<Flip Flop Chocolate Covered Oreo

28.Flavored Sugar Cubes

Add a hint of sweetness and flavor to your wedding with help from these flavored sugar cubes. Handmade and made to order, simply choose your flavor and color combination to best match your theme. Guests can add to champagne, teas, coffee, etc. for a deliciously unexpected treat. >>Check Price<<Flavored Sugar Cubes

29.Custom Macarons

Ooh la la, send taste buds on a Parisian adventure thanks to custom macarons. These light and airy cookies come in your choice of colors, flavors, and custom messaging – making it a truly unique treat. These attractive delights are ideal for a French themed bridal shower or wedding reception! >>Check Price<<Custom Macarons Wedding Favors

30.Customized Cartoon Cookies

Want a one-of-a-kind wedding or bridal shower favor that will make your guests giggle with glee and drool in delight? Each of these vanilla-flavored cookies is designed to look just like a caricature of you or that special someone. All you need to do is submit a picture and we’ll turn your likeness into fresh-baked goodness! >>Check Price<<Customized Cartoon Cookies

31.Personalized Chocolate Covered Pretzel

There is such a thing as the perfect favor…Sweet & salty come together with these personalized chocolate covered pretzels, creating an undeniably irresistible way to say thank you so very much! Crispy, crunchy full sized pretzels are drenched with melt-in-your-mouth, creamy milk chocolate and then decorated with a wonderful white drizzle design. >>Check Price<<Personalized Chocolate Covered Pretzel

32.Personalized Candy Barrel

Everyone loves a barrel full of laughs, and no one can resist a barrel full of candy! These personalized candy barrels are great as birthday gifts, 1st birthday gifts, bridesmaid gifts or corporate gifts. >>Check Price<<Personalized Candy Barrel

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