21 Shabby Chic Vintage Wedding Ideas You Cannot Resist!

Vintage weddings always convey a feeling of elegance and romance. Well, having a vintage wedding will also bring more topics for people to talk about. Since rustic weddings, garden or barn weddings are so popular these days, many doubt if vintage details will be appropriate? The answer is absolutely yes! From rustic wooden signs to classic porcelain tea cups, vintage details will only bring your wedding to a totally different high level! We’ve piled some great vintage wedding details that you will definitely love to love!

Awesome vintage chalkbord wedding sign ideas Beautiful Wrist Corsage for a DIY and vintage Wedding Crates flowers on antique scale

Decorations for A super stylish vintage travel-themed wedding DIY Vintage Wedding Centerpieces - Books topped with Flowers
Gorgeous wedding reception with pink color Lace lanterns with pearl decorations for a vintage wedding