33 Backyard Wedding Ideas

A backyard wedding is really a individual way of expressing yourself and on your big day. Is it just the wedding ceremony or do you plan to have the wedding reception in the backyard as well? With great backyard wedding ideas, you will definitely turn your backyard into a wedding paradise. Below are some great tips that may help you to have a better garden wedding, and leave great memories for years to come.

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First of all, you are required to clarify one thing which is the number of guests. The size of your backyard decides how many guests it can hold and whether you can have a sit-down dinner.

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Another thing you should take into consideration of is the theme of your backyard wedding. Is it an afternoon luncheon or a evening dinner? It will totally affect the decoration of the backyard. Besides, one detail is inevitable that is the Gazebo. Imagine you two getting married in the Gazebo, it is not only romantic but also classic. It will make your wedding even more divine.

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What’s more, the decoration of your backyard wedding is really important. It can be simple but elegant. Wedding lights play a very important role in this part. Floral arrangements will add a touch of elegance to the whole wedding. Other stuff like candles, ribbons are also needed.

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