gorgeous dog photos at weddings
Dogs at weddings seems to be quite common these days. A dog always means a lot to a couple, it has witnessed the couple’s long difficult road of love. Hence, many couple treat the dogs as one of their family members. So that explains a lot why many couples choose to have the furry friend as part of the wedding. Whether the dog help the daddy to ask the love or simply being a ring bearer, it actually brings quite fun and warm to the whole nuptial. if you happen to be thinking about including your dog on the wedding, the below are some way too adorable photos of dogs at weddings that will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart!

http://www.weddinginclude.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/dogs-at-weddings-best-friend-ever.png funny ways to include dogs at weddings gorgeous dog photos at weddings heart-melting dog photos at weddings hilarious furry friend at weddings interesting pitbull at wedding lovely dogs at daddy and mommy's wedding lovely dogs at owner's wedding romantic dog photos at wedding

Images source: Pinterest.com

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