21 Simple Yet Rustic DIY Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces Ideas
If you are looking for centerpieces that are both unique and nontraditional for your wedding, hydrangea centerpieces are really a great item you can take a try for. They are so prefect for centerpieces, since they are eye-catching and come in a year round. Different from those in-season flowers, hydrangea comes in big blossoms with various colors. Most importantly. They barely cost a thing but can be very impressive and photogenic. Now go and scroll down to see the best ways of using hydrangea as the centerpieces for your big day!

Hydrengeas - Wedding Centerpieces by Bakman Floral Design hydrangeas and ivory spray roses centerpieces DIY Hydrangea and Wood Round Centerpiece Beautiful Hydrangeas and baby's breath wedding centerpieces Lavender &and Periwinkle Hydrangea Simple Hydrangea centerpieces hydrangeas and roses in clear square short vases

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