The Most Unique and Creative Wedding Invitations to Love

[tps_header]It seems that unique wedding invitations are really popular these days. And it is totally understandable. We are now living in a time where unconventional ideas are encouraged. Having unique wedding invitations for your wedding will be a fantastic idea. You may think being traditional is safer, but being safe is not what we want for weddings. As the first impression your guests have about your big day, don’t you expect them to be excited?

Wedding invitations always set the tone for the wedding and at the meantime, they have to combine perfectly with your wedding theme which makes having great wedding invitations difficult. And today we are going to introduce some unique wedding invitation ideas to you as inspiration to make your own.[/tps_header]

#1Creative unique wedding invitations

#2 Invite your best man and groomsman

#3 Unique and creative wedding invitations with balloon

#4 Unique 3D and laser cut wedding invitations
#5 Unique and creative wedding invitations with map theme
#6 Unique blue scratch off save the date wedding location invitation ideas
#7 Unique Creative Round Wedding Invitations
#8 Unique Geeky wedding invitations save the date

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